12 volt MR-16 LED Bulb Cluster, 38-LED lamp Led lights, low voltage

£6.52 ex VAT

MR-16 LED Cluster approx. Face Diameter 2''

Very efficient! This 38-LED lamp draws only 2 watts. LEDs have up to a 100,000 hour life expectancy. Available in Warm White LEDs. The LEDs barely get warm to the touch when operating, making them a safe alternative to traditional halogen or incandescent lamps which can reach well over 135 degrees when on.

Light output is approximate to a 10 watt halogen bulb. LED light output is focused like a spotlight.

Built in a standard MR-16 housing, this lamp will fit any fixture that utilizes an MR-16 bulb and most Bi-Pin (G-4) sockets as well (most G-4 sockets are elongated to accept the MR16 pin spacing, which is approximately 5.5 mm or 0.21 inches).