12mm 16 Plait Matt - Polyester (minimum 8 metres)

This rope is the traditional cruising sheet construction. It is made from spun polyester braided cover over a double braided core to give superb hand grip, yet high strength and low stretch. The 16 plait cover is soft yet durable and with the appearance of cotton but will not rot or degrade.


• Friendly on the hands even when wet • Good grip, soft and flexible • Low stretch and high strength • Can be spliced by riggers • Available in white and solid colours

Please use the related products to have an eye splice added to your rope, the other end is heat sealed Sizes available and their breaking loads Size 6mm, Breaking Load 60kg Size 8mm, Breaking Load 1200kg Size 10mm, Breaking Load 1580kg Size 12mm, Breaking Load 3400kg Size 14mm, Breaking Load 4350kg Size 16mm, Breaking Load 5100kg