14mm Braid On Braid Polyester per metre (minimum 8 metres) - Various colours

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This rope offers the cruising or racing yachtsman a halyard range with outstanding performance. The rope is 100% polyester with a braided core covered with a durable braided cover giving the rope the name braid on braid. This construction gives the rope flexibility and durability which makes for good winching and block running. Braid on Braid ropes are pre-stretched for halyard performance and are designed to replace wire/textile rope halyards. These ropes are easily spliceable using hollow fids for forming eyes or for joining ropes.


• Superb handle / flexibility • Very low extension under load • Easy to splice with good retained strength • Wide range of diameters • Non kinking • Available with a range of colour flecks and solid colours • Braid on braid is also designed for racing yacht sheets, reefing lines, control lines. Please use the related products to have an eye splice added to your rope, the other end is heat sealed

Sizes available and their breaking loads

Size 6mm, Breaking Load 1230kg

Size 8mm, Breaking Load 1900kg

Size 10mm, Breaking Load 2300kg

Size 12mm, Breaking Load 3350kg

Size 14mm, Breaking Load 5100kg

Size 16mm, Breaking Load 6200kg

Size 18mm, Breaking Load 7500kg

Size 24mm, Breaking Load 14000kg

Beige £3.53 ex VAT
Navy £3.53 ex VAT