Inland waterways of the Netherlands

With 6,000km of navigable waterways, the Netherlands offers one of the most extensive yet compact cruising grounds in Europe. This book is a user's guide to the whole network, covering all the mast-up routes and excluding only those waterways which offer less than 3.5m bridge height.

Navigational details are provided for each waterway; comprising dimensions and obstacles to be expected, including service arrangements for bridges and locks. This is followed by details of over 300 stopping places across all twelve provinces; some which are large or popular harbours, and others which are well off the beaten track. Comments on the significant features are expanded for nearly 100 principal venues where more details on things to do and see are provided, as well as information on practical facilities ashore and the authors selective and subjective restaurant tips!

The book is designed to be of interest to all crew members, not just the skipper or navigator, to establish not only how to approach a place but also what to do or see, and whether it will be of interest on arrival. Easy to browse, the