International Toplac

£21.93 ex VAT

Toplac is a premium gloss marine enamel for all substrates above the waterline. It is exceptionally easy to apply by brush or roller and pad and contains UV filter for increased durability.

* Excellent flow characteristics

* Range of bright colours

* Over twice the life of ordinary alkyd enamels

Its unique chemical structure enables Toplac to outperform traditional finishes giving a long lasting high definition gloss. Preparation: PREVIOUSLY PAINTED SURFACES: In Good Condition: Wash down with Yacht Line Super Cleaner, rinse with fresh water and allow to dry. Abrade with 280-320 grade (grit) paper. In Poor Condition: Remove all previous coatings and prime the substrate. PRIMING: Substrate preparation is covered separately on the primer datasheet. BARE WOOD: Prime with Yacht Primer or UCP. STEEL: Prime with Yacht Primer or Interprotect. ALUMINIUM: Prime with Etch Primer followed by either Yacht Primer or Interprotect. GRP: Wash down with Yacht Line Super Cleaner, rinse with fresh water and allow to dry. Abrade with 180-220 grade paper.

AGED/WEATHERED GELCOATS: Due to the potentially porous nature of aged/weathered gelcoats the risk of solvent/moisture entrapment after painting is much higher than when gelcoat is new. As a result this entrapment could lead to blistering of the paint film. To reduce the risk of paint film blistering it is recommended that 3 coats of Interprotect are applied to seal the gelcoat. Interprotect must be overcoated with Polyurethane Basecoat prior to topcoat application. ALL SUBSTRATES: Use Pre-Kote undercoat. If spray applying Toplac, Pre-Kote must be aged a minimum of 14 days. If this is not possible Polyurethane Basecoat can also be used as an undercoat. Method: Sand the undercoat smooth with 320-400 grade (grit) wet or dry paper. Remove dust with a dust wipe. Apply 1-2 coats. Mixing: Stir well before use. Thinner: YTA800,YTA063 Thinner No.1 (Thinner No.10 for spraying) Thinning In war

Mediterranean White £17.35 ex VAT
Ivory £17.35 ex VAT
Snow White £17.35 ex VAT
Baltic Blue £17.35 ex VAT
Oxford Blue £17.35 ex VAT
Danube Blue £17.35 ex VAT
Atlantic Grey £17.35 ex VAT
Mauritius Blue £17.35 ex VAT
Bounty £17.35 ex VAT
Yellow £17.35 ex VAT
Rochelle Red £17.35 ex VAT
Lauderdale Blue £17.35 ex VAT
Donegal Green £17.35 ex VAT
Bondi Blue £17.35 ex VAT
Jet Black £17.35 ex VAT
Rustic Red £17.35 ex VAT