LED Strip Light replacement - Just change the bulb not the fitting!

£14.84 ex VAT

LED Strip Light Bulbs, fits Labcraft LM8 and Lumo strip lights etc. 30cm long. Six high output warm white light diodes. Very low wattage, less than a quarter of the power of a standard 12v fluoresent tube.

Simply change the bulb. Cool running. Upgrade your fixtures today and enjoy no maintenance, super long life, super low power consumption, and cooler operation.

Features & Benefits:

Low power consumption.

Long life - estimated over 50,000 hrs.

Vibration resistant - no filaments to break.

Inexpensive to operate.

Low heat output - reduced air conditioning loads.

Reduced maintenance / replacement costs.

Flexible installation options.


12 volt version: Voltage: 10VDC-15VDC

(use with DC voltage ONLY)