Sound traveller

The SoundTraveller speaker delivers dynamic, crystal-clear audio reproduction from a unit small enough to fit in your pocket.

Made from the highest quality materials with precision engineering, this micro speaker delivers a massive 3 watts of total music power from just 1 x AA battery. One battery will provide 12 hours of continuous playback - more than enough for even the most hardened of party fiends!

The SoundTraveller features an on/off switch and an adjustable volume control, so you can have your music as loud or as quiet as you want, whilst the 5 volt mains-in socket allows you to power the unit from the mains or from your computer via USB.

The SoundTraveller will work with any iPods with a dock connector but also has the added benefit of having an audio-in socket, so you can use it with other MP3 players, PDAs, PSPs, CD & DVD players and more!

The sleek metal front and rear is complimented by the luxuriously soft silicon skin which wraps around the speaker unit, making this unit stylish and coveted.

The SoundTraveller is available in Black, Blue, Pink, Red and Silver - so you can match your speaker to your mood!

With the SoundTraveller, you have no excuse for being without music in your hotel room, apartment or even your tent! Small, compact and ultra-portable, this fantastic gadget will fit neatly into your hand luggage without taking up masses of space and you can watch others go green with envy when you crank up the volume!

SoundTraveller is the ONLY micro speaker system to be seen with.