SPECIAL OFFER 150 watt Solar Panel Boat Kit - 68 amp hours per day

This is a very easy to fit narrow boat solar panel kit comprising of all the bits to install on your narrow boat roof – space permitting!. The solar panel kit with large solar panel dimensions gives extremely good output and will significantly reduce engine running time. With the solar panel kit you get aluminum angle brackets and Sikaflex. The brackets are attached with the screws provided to fasten to the panel edges and then the bracket is bonded with Sikaflex to the roof – so no need to drill excess holes!

The narrow boat solar panel consists of high power crystalline solar cells. So, how does it work? Put simply, the solar panel charges a 12V battery or batteries (protected from being overcharged by a charge controller) during daylight hours. The power in the battery is available for use at any time to power appliances – directly if powering 12V appliances or through an inverter if powering 240V appliances. The system will work even in overcast weather conditions, both in summer and winter

The 150wp kit is ideal for use on boats where the power is used to run the lights, water pump, television, lap top computer etc throughout the year or for extended periods.

Technical Description:

The kit comprises:

1 x STP150 – 150wp solar panel

1 x STSPR10 – 12Ah charge controller

1 x FKA08 – Universal Fitting Kit

1 x FKA09 – Universal Fitting Kit – Extension Pack

1 x DD00100 – Cable Feed Gland

1 x Tube SIKA 252 Bonding Agent

1 x SDGM01 – Digital Solar Test Meter

1 x Pack fuses, ring terminals etc

1 x Fitting Instructions

The typical Daily performance of the solar panel in peak conditions: 1050watt-hours per day / 68.04amp-hours per day

Panel Size – 1580mm x 793mm x 35mm

Panel Weight – 13.5kgs

150-watt Solar Boat Kit + UPGRADE

The upgrade kit uses high quality solar panel fitting moulds to provide a neat and effective means of attaching a solar panel to the roof of your boat. The upgrade is designed to be bonded to the roof using SikaFlex252 (