Sterling Pro Combi Q 12v 1600W

Principle features:

• Compact, robust construction

• Simple DIY installation

• Fully automatic operation

• Choice of Quasi or Sine wave inverter output

• Multi stage automatic battery charger with power factor correction (PFC)

• Battery type selectable

• 35A no-break (20ms) transfer switch

• 30A switched earth/neutral relay

• Comprehensive status and alarm LED display

• Remote panel included as standard

• Very low no-load and operating energy consumption

• Compliant with CE and UL standards

The ProCombi range of Inverter /Chargers are straightforward, powerful and robust. With the three functions of Inverter, Battery Charger and 30A changeover switch in one unit, they are an alternative to separate components where space, simplicity and ease of installation are key considerations. Free from many of the complex functions associated with similar alternatives, ProCombi represents a very energy efficient solution that is also easy on the pocket! For the vast majority of uses, the basic functionality is more than enough.

ProCombi models are available either in Quasi - sinewave (ProCombiQ) or Sinewave (ProCombiS) variants to suit individual preference. There is also a choice of power rating depending upon the duty anticipated. Battery charger function utilises advanced multi-stage characteristics and is suitable for permanent connection to the battery. Adjustment is easily made via a selector switch to accommodate alternative battery types.

Each unit is supplied as standard with an on board control and indicator panel that can be removed for remote mounting via a 10M cable that is also included with the unit.

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