Sterling Pro-Sport. Waterproof battery charger - PS1220

Sterling Pro-Sport. Waterproof battery charger - PS1220

Totally waterproof , fully isolated outputs 2 x 12 v or 1 x 24 v.

12 V 8 - 20 AMP 24 V 4 - 10 AMPS

Extruded aluminum housing.

Fully encapsulated to meet toughest waterproofing

standard (IP 68).

Both pos and neg fully isolated that enables the unit

to charge 12 or 24v batteries.

Adaptive charging, ensures max charge in the


Lead acid / sealed (AGM/Gel) battery selectable.

Dynamic thermal output control.

LED power and charge indicators.

Built-in protection distributed-on-demand.

4 step charging curve.

Pre wired waterproof loom for easy installation.

Product information Ideal for sport boats or equipment where the charger will be exposed to water washdown such as a power hose or petrol fumes such as petrol boats.

We recommend using waterproof battery chargers where the waterproof aspect is a priority. For all other applications we recommend our ProCharge, Small and ProDigital units which are lighter and have a superior performance.

Please use the table file below to confirm the specification of your chosen charger for the Technical information