Surecal calorifier. 55 litre twin coil - Horizontal

Surecal calorifier. 55 litre twin coil - Horizontal

• As used by the majority of UK boat builders.

• Combing outstanding efficiency with quality!!

• This unit is ideal for a boat or motor home • Each Surecal is individually bench tested and supplied ready to install.

• Each of the items below is standard fitment! • Horizontal size - Height 350mm, Width 340mm and Length 975mm • Vertical Size- Height 820mm, diameter 345mm, Depth Inc fittings 435mm.

The unit works by transferring FREE heat from an engines cooling system into a heat exchanger that circulates around the calorifier! In only 20 minutes! Or use the 240 volt 1 kW immersion heater when the engine isn’t running.

SureCal calorifiers come completely assembled ready for quick and easy installation. Every calorifier is individually bench tested ensuring quality and reliability every time.

Sure-Cal boilers are made of the finest quality materials, which guarantees the ultimate in performance and reliability. In addition the drop coil technology and finned surface heat exchanger used in the boiler provides unrivalled heat recovery.

The unit is quick and easy to install with full fitting instructions provided. The boiler is insulated in a polyurethane jacket, which will retain the heat for up to 24 hours after the engine has been switched off.

Surejust calorifiers provide the complete domestic hot water systems for onboard use whatever the size of craft....